Translation Project

by HCCC's Poetry and Language Collective

Translation Project Mission

The HCCC Poetry and Language Collective is looking for creative work in any non-English language to translate and publish. This is an opportunity to express yourself through language and to see that work translated into English. Submissions can be sent to, submitted through the form below, or dropped off in-person at any HCCC Library circulation desk.


You can write whatever you’d like, but there are some sample prompts below if you need some help getting started.

Here are some sample prompts:

Write 4 or more words that describe how you are feeling.


I feel great joy

empty thin light dark

Write a piece divided into lines.


As I woke up this morning

I sipped hot coffee.

The sunlight hit my face,

Warming me too.

Write something complex or strange.


Oh I hate to take the

Stairs with each step I

Remember – Good God

I’m getting older and older

And older – my knees crack

So loud they make an echo

In the stairwell – snap snap snap


Contact for more information.