Madlib Poetry Project

Madlib Poetry Project

To encourage creativity, experimentation, and general silliness, the HCCC Poetry and Language Collective is launching The Madlib Poetry Project.

Below, you will find links to several Microsoft Forms that will allow you to fill our a Madlib of a poem. Simply fill in each answer with the appropriate type of word and you will receive an email with your completed Madlib. When you are done, if you are happy with your result you can post it on the PLC Poem Wall under our Padlet page. Otherwise, you can reuse the Madlibs as many times as you would like. Be sure to check back occasionally for new Madlibs to be added.

Madlib Links

Oread - H.D.

A Poison Tree - William Blake

The Starry Night - Anne Sexton

The Red Wheelbarrow - William Carlos Williams

What Lips My Lips Have Kissed... - Edna St. Vincent Millay