Ekphrasis: Writing About Art

Ekphrasis: Writing About Art

The HCCC Poetry and Language Collective is looking for writers to write about art. For this project, works of art completed by HCCC Art Majors have been made available below. Then, participants will write creative works inspired by the art which will later be displayed with the art online on this page and at a live art show.

In Ekphrastic writing, participants are encouraged to spend some time with the work of art – think about how it makes you feel, what it makes you think of, and how you can express what is happening in the work of art. This expression can come in any form: poetry, short stories, journal entries, or any other creative form you can think of. You can find some examples on the Writing Examples page to help you get started.

If you would like some assistance with your writing, you can reach out to Professor Eric Adamson who can coordinate writing assistance for you. He can be reached at eadamson@hccc.edu.

Writing submissions will be due Monday, April 4th and can be submitted via email to poetry@hccc.edu. In the submission, please include the title of the work of art you have written about.

You can also submit using the form accessed by clicking the button below. Please note that the form will ask you to sign into your HCCC account.

Viejo San Juan

Kayla Ducusin

Hold On

Megan Ulloa

At Night

Isha Apalisok


Isha Apalisok

Hey Moon (Please Forget To Fall Down)

Isha Apalisok


Isha Apalisok


Isha Apalisok


Daniel Calderon

Beauty of the Night

Brianna Cortez Rivera

Journey to the Moon

Brianna Cortez Rivera

Bird Mask

Daniel Estrada

One of those days

Kenya Benitez

Op Art

Daniel Estrada

The Cube of Saturn

Daniel Calderon

Whisper, Mind of the Hive Wyrms

Duy-Minh Do


Daniel Estrada

Who Are We If Not The Stories We Tell Ourselves?

Sandy Polanco

Static Forest

Nickalus Seebaran

Submerged in Blue

Zariah Alfaro

Flooding memories