HCCC Student Poet Laureate

HCCC Student Poet Laureate

Hudson County Community College will name a student poet laureate each academic year. The student laureate will serve for the entire academic year as the face of student poetry at our college. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase the poetic talents of our student body and inspire our community.

What is a poet laureate?

A poet laureate is an honored position given to a poet that represents a community through their poetic works. The laureate will be recognized by the entire college in this position, from faculty to staff to the administration. The student laureate will be responsible for reading poetry at various college events as a representative of the college’s poetic voice. The students' work will be archived in the library and celebrated by the community.

Submission for Student Laureate Position

Below you will find the submission form for consideration of the student poet laureate. The submission deadline is April 15th. Submissions are also taken in person at the circulation desks at the library, both at Journal Square and North Hudson Campus.

The submission should include:

  • At least 5 works of original poetry

  • No more than 20 pages

  • Student Name

  • Student Email

What does the Student Poet Laureate do?

Tasks and activities that may be asked of the Student Poet Laureate are included in, but not limited to, the list below:

  • Read a poem to open college service day

  • Read a poem at graduation

  • Have work archived at the library

  • Have work on display in the gallery space

  • Read at other committees or events recommended by the school

  • A bio and picture posted on the libraries National Poetry Month Committee web page

  • Mentorship with a poet and/or the National Poetry Month Committee

  • Participate in events in the community, alongside groups like the Jersey City Public Library

  • Read a book of poetry to kids in elementary school or middle school for the awareness months

  • Publication in Crossroads, HCCC's student led literary magazine

The student poet laureate will also receive a stipend of $500.

Selection Process

  • Submissions for HCCC Student Poet Laureate open on December 1st and close on April 28th. Submissions are taken via email to the HCCC Poetry and Language Collective email.

    • Submissions should contain at least 5 works of poetry not to exceed 20 pages of poetry by the student to be considered by the committee.

  • The committee will read all submissions by May 12th. At this time, a vote will take place among voting members of the HCCC Poetry and Language Collective to select the Student Poet Laureate.

    • Voting will be done in a ranked choice point system - each voting members of the committee will rank their top three choices in order. Each 1st choice will award 3 points, each 2nd choice will award 2 points, and each 3rd choice will award 1 point. The poet with the most points will be selected.

  • The winner will be announced on May 15th, to start their tenure as the Student Poet Laureate in the Fall of that year.

    • This tenure as poet laureate runs the academic year, Fall through Spring.