HCCC Poetry and Language Collective

Mission Statement

The HCCC Poetry and Language Collective is dedicated to engaging the HCCC community through written poetry and spoken word. The committee aims to bring poetry events to the school and the community through various and diverse voices that uplift the community and showcase poetic talent.

The HCCC Poetry and Language Collective is also responsible for electing an HCCC Student Poet Laureate each academic year.

Collective Members


Eric Adamson, Assistant Professor of English

Karen Hom-Galli, Instructor of English

Sarah Teichman, Librarian


Alexandra Plante, Director of Library Instruction

Allie Bach, Assistant Professor of English

Amaalah Ogburn, Associate Director - North Hudson Campus

Angela Hebert, Assistant Professor of English

Anna Krupitskiy, Vice President for Human Resources

Callie Martin, Instructional Technologist

Christian Rodriguez, Student Government President

Dorothea Graham-King, Administrative Assistant, Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Hope Guirantes, Administrative Assistant, Early Childhood Education

James Cox, Director of Patron Services

Jing Yang, Director of Library Technology

Karla Aybar, Administrative Assistant, College Libraries

Laurie Riccadonna, Professor of Humanities

Michelle Vitale, Director of Cultural Affairs

Natalia Vazquez-Bodkin, Associate Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Raffaella Pernice, Professor of Biology

Susan Justiniano, Jersey City Poet Laureate